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Marine Fuel Oils.

MOL Tech is one of major physical bunker suppliers in Japan. In order to provide a good quality of service, we own 4 bunker barges in Tokyo and Osaka bay and supply both for ocean going vessels and coastal vessels.

We offer to our clients with various grades of marine bunker fuel – Fuels Oil (S 3.5%, 0.5%), MDO (S 0.5%, 0.1%), MGO (S 0.1%). We aim to maximize efficiency by steaming our operations and maintaining long-lasting relationship with our clients through professional and reliable bunker services.

Marine Lubricants

We provided cost effective marine lubricants, experienced services and technical advises worldwide, which have been accumulated from arrangement for MOL fleet. Also we have original supply net-work and provide flexible service for marine lubricants in Japan.

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Marine Fuel Oils & Marine Lubricants for ocean-going vessels
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