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Allocating Bunker Ships at Tokyo Bay and Osaka Bay

MOL Tech allocates bunker barges, three in Tokyo Bay and two in Osaka Bay, ensuring prompt, safe delivery of various marine fuels, including low-sulfur fuel oil that conforms stricter new regulations aimed at reducing emissions of sulfur oxides (SOx). The bunker ship Techno Star, launched in 2017, features cutting-edge ship operation equipment and systems, providing high-quality bunker supply service for vessels in Tokyo Bay.

Selling Marine Fuel Oil and Lubricants in Ports around the World

We sell marine fuel and lubricants worldwide, with operations based in Tokyo and Singapore. Our attentive services are tailored to customer needs, backed by close contacts with fuel and lubricant producers and suppliers in ports around the world.

Fuel Supply Services

We also offer fuel supply services for heating equipment and private power generation in buildings, for example, and provide Fuel Oil for land-based vehicles and cargo-handling equipment used in container terminals.

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Fuel Department
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Marine Fuel Oil & Lubricants for ocean-going vessels
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Marine Fuel Oil & Lubricants for coastal vessels
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Land-use Fuel Oil
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Kansai Branch (Kobe city) (Marine Fuel Oil & Lubricants for coastal vessels)
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Singapore Office (Marine Lubricants)
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