About MOL Techno-Trade, Ltd

Providing added value by utilizing the MOL Group network

We are a technology-specialized trading company in the MOL Group, one of the world’s largest shipping companies, and respond to all kinds of requirements at sea and on land utilizing our technology and proposal capabilities. We promise our know-how cultivated over the years, group networks, and our spirit of “Challenge” will bring our customers satisfaction and further added value.

Meeting All Needs at Sea and on Land

As the core trading company of the MOL Group, MOL Tech provides a wide range of products and services, fuel oil and lubricants, various equipment, materials, parts, and communication equipment for the ships, as well as the sale of air conditioning equipment for land use and industrial equipment for various plants. We will continue to add value to these products and meet our customers’ needs.

Propeller Boss Cap Fins (PBCF), Adopted by Vessels around the World

PBCF is one of our representative products, which contributes to the reduction of the environmental impact of ships by reducing fuel consumption. This propeller efficiency improving device developed by a group of companies led by MOL was launched in 1987 and is now adopted by more than 4,000 vessels around the world with many improvements. While more and more energy-saving products continue to develop, PBCF, as a reliable and proven product, has been supported by our customers as ever.

Group-wide Environment and Safety Initiatives

As a leading company in the environment, the MOL Group has further strengthened its efforts to reduce environmental impact. MOL Tech has established an environmental conservation policy and obtained Eco Action 21 certification. Please refer to the Environmental Policy Statement page for details.

Furthermore, we support MOL’s realization of “the world’s highest level of safe operation,” and our staff on land and at sea work together to achieve the MOL Group’s safety targets,such as “Four Zeroes” (zero serious marine incident, zero oil pollution, zero fatal accident, and zero serious cargo damage).”