About MOL Techno-Trade, Ltd

Leveraging MOL Group Networks to Offer Added Value

MOL Techno-Trade, Ltd. (MOL Tech) is a technology trading company that meets various needs at sea and on land, backed by its technological capability and its ability to propose effective solutions, as a group company of Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL), one of the world’s leading ocean shipping companies. MOL Tech promises to meet customer needs and provide further added value with know-how accumulated over decades, the MOL Group’s global networks, and the spirit to take on any challenge.

Meeting Various Needs at Sea and on Land

As the core trading company of the MOL Group, MOL Tech’s trading business ranges from the sale of vessel fuel oils and lubricants and sales of various marine equipment, supplies, parts and components, and communication-related equipment, of course, but also includes sales of air conditioning equipment for on-land use, sales of industrial equipment targeting a wide variety of plants, and sale and rental of used shipping containers. MOL Tech brings its own added value to this full range of products and services.

Propeller Boss Cap Fins (PBCF), Adopted on Vessels around the World

Our representative product is the environment-friendly, energy-saving “PBCF”, which is installed on a vessel’s propeller to boost efficiency. Developed by a corporate group led by MOL, PBCF was launched in 1987, and has undergone continual upgrades. Currently, PBCF has been adopted on more than 3,400 vessels around the world. BCF stands out among other energy-saving products, representing our company’s ongoing commitment to develop proven and trusted products. With a great support of highly reliable customers, PBCF has established a solid position in the industry.

Group-wide Initiatives on the Environment and Safety

The MOL Group has stepped up efforts to reduce its environmental impact as an “environmentally advanced corporation,” and MOL Tech has issued its own environmental Policy Statements and acquired Eco Action 21 certification. Please refer to the Environmental Policy Statements page for details.

Furthermore, we support the realization of MOL’s vision to “become the world leader in safe operation” in our safety-related efforts. Our staff on land and at sea are united as one team and committed to achieving the MOL Group’s safety goals including the Four Zeroes (zero serious marine incidents, zero oil pollution, zero fatal accidents, and zero serious cargo damage).”