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Leveraging the strength of the Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Group’s credibility and brand strength, we offer marine transportation and sales from existing fuels to new fuels and add them to our customers. We aim to make further progress as a fuel sales company that provides value.

Fuel/Lubricant Supply Service

We provides ship fuels and lubricants not only in Japan’s domestic market but also worldwide, for coastal ships and ocean-going vessels alike. We have five of our own fuel supply vessels providing swift, efficient service to vessels calling in Tokyo and Osaka bays.
We are upgrading our owned and operated fuel supply vessels to add even greater value, meeting the needs of the times with enhanced with the environmental performance and safety equipment. In Tokyo Bay, we launched our new fuel supply vessel, the Techno Star, in 2017, followed by the Techno Ace in April 2022.
The Techno Ace is Japan’s first fuel supply vessel to earn the top rating of five stars for its superior environmental performance in the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT)’s energy conservation rating system for Japanese coastal ships. We developed the Ship-to-Ship (STS) auxiliary device that uses electromagnetic force to connect vessels, acquired the patent, and installed it on vessel.
In addition, as an initiative on new fuels, we procure and sell LNG fuel in Japan as a bridge solution toward zero emissions in the future.

Alternative Fuel-Related Equipment Sales

Building upon the LNG handling expertise that the Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Group has cultivated over the years, our company deals in equipment related to cryogenic gases, including LNG. In recent times, there has been a transformative shift from traditional heavy oil to cleaner fuels such as LNG for ship propulsion. We are actively riding this wave of technological innovation, supporting stakeholders during this period of change.

Please refer to the website below for more detailed information on LNG couplings.

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【Fuel and Lubricants】
Fuel Department
Tokyo Branch
Marine Fuel Oil & Lubricants for coastal vessels
TEL 03-6367-5361FAX 03-6367-5514
Kansai Branch (Kobe city) (Marine Fuel Oil & Lubricants for coastal vessels)
TEL 078-771-5302FAX 078-771-5312
Marine Fuel Oil & Lubricants for ocean-going vessels
TEL 03-6367-5362FAX 03-6367-5514
Singapore Office (Marine Lubricants)
TEL (65)-6272-6252FAX (65)-6272-6428
【Alternative Fuel-Related Equipment】
Technology Planning Department
TEL 03-6367-5490FAX 03-6367-5516
Environment and Safety Related Devices Department
TEL 03-6367-5370FAX 03-6367-5515
TEL 078-771-5303FAX 078-771-5313